Making a Minister

September 1, 2020


Seven years in the making, Icelandic political drama The Minister charts the rise of unconventional politician Benedikt Ríkhardsson to become prime minister.

Benedikt’s job is made more complicated by the fact he is hiding a secret mental health condition that threatens to spiral out of control, as those around him try to hide his bipolar disorder and others aim to exploit it.

In this DQTV interview, star Ólafur Darri Ólafsson, writer Jónas Margeir Ingólfsson and director Nanna Kristin Magnúsdóttir open up about the origins and development of the series. Ólafsson, who plays Benedikt, talks about playing the conflicted character, while Ingólfsson and Magnúsdóttir discuss the challenges of bringing his story to the screen as Benedikt walks the fine line between madness and brilliance.

The Minister is produced by Sagafilm for RUV in Iceland and is distributed by Cineflix Rights.

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