Unusual Suspect

Eagle Eye Drama’s Jo McGrath and writer Joy Wilkinson sit down with DQ to discuss the return of Channel 4 thriller Suspect, building its starry cast and why its unique structure is rooted in the theatre.


Carrie on crime-fighting

Elsbeth star Carrie Preston reflects on leading a television series for the first time in a series that puts her character from The Good Fight in the spotlight, and considers the revival of case-of-the-week dramas and how she’s adjusting to being recognised in public.


Tall Tudor tale

The Tudors might be an evergreen subject for historical dramas, but in the hands of My Lady Jane showrunners Gemma Burgess and Meredith Glynn, history is almost unrecognisable. They outline how they created this dramatic alt-history series that imagines a different future for Lady Jane Grey.


Up all Night

Night Therapy writer Raanan Caspi talks about his decade-long journey to make his first television series, why it stands up as the next evolution of Israeli hit BeTipul (In Treatment) and why AI won’t replace screenwriters.

In production

Faking it

Star Asher Keddie and producer Imogen Banks tell DQ about their partnership behind the scenes of Fake, a stress-inducing, thought-provoking look at one woman’s search for love and the man she falls for, despite her instinct that he’s not everything he seems to be.


Catch her if you can

From starring in Sex Education and Bridgerton to launching her production company Good Catch Entertainment, Simone Ashley is building a name for herself on and off screen. She reflects on her career so far, discusses her producing ambitions and reveals what drives her to succeed.


Cooking up something good

Jeremy Allen White, Ayo Edebiri and the cast of The Bear come together to discuss the third season of the Chicago-set, stress-inducing culinary comedy-drama.


Hidden heroines

More than a decade in the making, The Gray House is inspired by the true stories of women who helped win the US Civil War for the Union. Producers Morgan Freeman and Lori McCreary join stars Mary-Louise Parker and Ben Vereen to take DQ into the making of the historical drama.


Force to be reckoned with

From Squid Game to Star Wars, Korean actor Lee Jung-jae tells DQ about using the Force in Disney+ series The Acolyte and joining the legion of Jedi masters.


Class clash

Actors Eva Morgan and Vinette Robinson reflect on making Channel 4 whodunnit thriller The Gathering, their shared passion for the Liverpool-set project and the importance of its working-class representation.


Life lessons

Spanish drama Nos vemos en otra vida (See You in Another Life) dramatises the true story of how a teenager became involved in a terrorist attack on Madrid in 2004. Creators Alberto and Jorge Sánchez-Cabezudo explain how they approached making the fact-based series 20 years later.


Sabre truth

Made in secret, Operation Sabre dramatises the events surrounding the assassination of a Serbian prime minister. Creator Goran Stankovic and producer Snezana van Houwlingen join actors Milica Gojkovic and Dragan Micanovic to reflect on making this award-winning series.

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