Hope amid horror

DQ heads to Bratislava, Slovakia, to see the making of The Tattooist of Auschwitz, Sky and Peacock’s adaptation of Heather Morris’s novel inspired by a real love story set against the atrocities of a Nazi concentration camp during the Holocaust.


Swede dreams

DQ speaks to Spanish star Aina Clotet about her award-winning performance in comedy-drama Esto no es Suecia (This is not Sweden) and her integral role in building the international coproduction behind the series, which she also co-created, co-wrote and co-directed.

In production

Making Vox pop

Titmouse founder Chris Prynoski takes DQ inside the animation studio to discuss the evolution of adult animated series and how he partnered with a group of voice actors to bring to life The Legend of Vox Machina.


Fit for a King

British actor Anjli Mohindra tells DQ about taking the lead for the first time in folk-horror crime drama The Red King, in which she plays a by-the-book detective who picks up the unsolved case of a missing boy while confronting an island community with a unique cult history.


Red alert

Red Eye star Jing Lusi and writer Peter A Dowling reflect on the “groundbreaking” approach to casting the ITV thriller, in which a British-Chinese police officer finds herself stuck in the middle of a deadly conspiracy on a flight from London to Beijing.


Apocalypse soon

Best known for working on Rick & Morty, Dan Guterman’s first original series is a more melancholic affair as one woman faces up to the end of the world and her place in it. He tells DQ about making Carol & the End of the World and why he wants to surprise people with this animated dramedy.

In production

Leading Lights

Blue Lights co-creators and executive producers Louise Gallagher and Stephen Wright illuminate DQ on the origins of the Northern Ireland-set police series, why it’s actually a workplace drama and what’s in store for season two.

The Director’s Chair

Brothers in crime

Filmmakers – and twin brothers – Damiano and Fabio D’Innocenzo write, produce and direct Dostoevskij, a melancholic police thriller about a detective hunting a serial killer. They speak to DQ about their debut series, their partnership and why they won’t tell viewers what to think.

The Director’s Chair

Directing a dictatorship

Director Jessica Hobbs takes DQ into the world of The Regime, HBO’s darkly comic drama set within a crumbling autocracy, discussing her partnership behind the camera with Stephen Frears and why her best day on set was shooting a Santa Baby music video with star Kate Winslet.

The Writers Room

Generation gap

Marianne Wendt, writer and creative producer of Wer wir sind (Generation Now: Today for Tomorrow), opens up about the social themes at the heart of this German drama and the big questions it asks about the kind of society we want to leave for our children.


Far to fall

Fallout executives Jonathan Nolan and Graham Wagner recall the days they spent playing video games that led them to create this expansive Prime Video series based on one of the biggest franchises of all time.


Catching the eye

Kowalski Films’ Simon Howley, executive producer of South African true crime drama Catch Me a Killer, recalls the origins of the series and outlines one memorable interrogation scene involving the show’s protagonist, serial killer profiler Micki Pistorius.

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