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Leading the pack

Matilha (Dogpack) creator Edgar Medina and executive producer Sigurjon Sighvatsson discuss the nature of spin-offs through this seven-part series, which follows the events of Portuguese drama Sul (South) but takes the story – and characters – in a new direction.


Scare tactics

Deborah Ayorinde, the star of Prime Video anthology series Them: The Scare, introduces the series and dissects a key scene that leaves viewers unsure which side of the law her LAPD detective character is actually on.


Unsafe house

The writing team behind French thriller Homejacking join director Hervé Hadmar to outline how this six-part series keeps viewers off balance by revealing the true nature of the story through a variety of different perspectives.

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A cut above

Hair & make-up designer Lisa Parkinson takes DQ inside her Bafta-winning job on ITV true crime drama The Long Shadow and discusses working on a budget and being mentored by a Hairy Biker.

The Writers Room

Fresh Justice

Eight years after Brazilian crime drama Justice aired, writer Manuela Dias is back with a sequel, Justice: Misconduct. She speaks to DQ about turning the Globo drama into an anthology series, rooting the show in real life and moving stories away from princesses and heroes.

The Writers Room

Death becomes him

Segunda Muerte (Second Death) creator Agustín Martínez digs up the past in this Spanish thriller about a police investigator pulled into a mysterious case. He tells DQ about the drama’s themes, its unique rural setting and how he sought to emphasise character over plot.


Reinventing Rebus

Ian Rankin’s literary detective John Rebus returns to the screen as a young officer disenchanted by the police and his role in it. DQ visits the Edinburgh set to find out how Rebus tells the story of a man at a crossroads as his personal and professional lives implode.

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Tough call

As British drama The Night Caller launches in the US, executive producer Sam Tipper-Hale explains how themes of loneliness and the power of influence are explored in this story of a taxi driver who becomes obsessed with a late-night radio talkshow.


Back to Bridgerton

As the third season of Bridgerton arrives on Netflix, DQ hears from executive producer Shonda Rhimes, showrunner Jess Brownell and author Julia Quinn about returning to Regency London for a new social season.


Party people

After the Party’s award-winning star Robyn Malcolm and producer Helen Bowden reflect on the moral storm swirling at the centre of this New Zealand drama and explain how they worked to keep viewers on edge until its conclusion.

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Ska struck

In Steven Knight’s BBC drama This Town, a group of young people are drawn into the explosive new world of ska music in 1980s England. Executive producer Katie McAleese looks back on making the “unconventional” show and creating its original soundtrack.

Job Description

Talking my language

DQ swots up on its Dothraki to find out how conlangers David and Jessie Peterson create original languages for film and television series, with credits including Game of Thrones, Dune, Vampire Academy, Shadow & Bone and Halo.

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