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The Writers Room

Modern life is rubbish

Writer Tove Eriksen Hillblom tells DQ how Swedish comedy-drama Vi i Villa takes a satirical look at middle-class life in a story about what happens when one man grows tired of his mundane existence.


Night shift

Star Martin Freeman, screenwriter Tony Schumacher and executive producer Laurence Bowen discuss the making of Liverpool-set police drama The Responder, which follows an urgent-response officer over a series of evenings.

In production

Discovering Diamonds

Pieter Van Huyck, head of scripted at Belgian producer De Mensen, outlines how the company developed family crime drama Diamonds, which is set in Antwerp’s diamond district, with support from partners in Israel.

The Director’s Chair

Road less travelled

Award-winning director Auli Mantila reveals how she made Finnish drama Transport, set within the world of Europe’s illicit horse trade, and explains why there needs to be more bravery in television.

The Writers Room

Script to screen

Writers including Quoc Dang Tran, Nancy Harris, Nathan Foad and Bec Boey offer their insights into navigating the television industry, from developing new projects and adaptations to the importance of authentic and inclusive storytelling.

The Director’s Chair

Taking the Wheel

Director Ciarán Donnelly discusses directing episodes of epic fantasy adventure The Wheel of Time, which took him to fictional locations such as the Eye of the World and brought him face to face with beastly Trollocs.


Going with the FLO

The Bay creator Daragh Carville and new star Marsha Thomason speak to DQ about the return of the crime drama and the arrival of a new family liaison officer (FLO) to its picturesque Morecambe setting.


Drinking it in

Screenwriter Quoc Dang Tran and the executives behind French-Japanese production Drops of God reveal how they have adapted a manga series about wine into an eight-part TV drama.


Birth days

Danish star Sofie Gråbøl tells DQ about her latest role, as a midwife in drama The Shift, and reflects on her time starring in Forbrydelsen (The Killing) on the 15th anniversary of the crime drama’s debut.

The Writers Room

Turn of the Screw

Writer Rob Williams tells DQ how his own experience teaching and volunteering in prisons inspired him to write six-part Channel 4 drama Screw, which spotlights the work of the male and female staff in a busy men’s prison.

The Writers Room

Talking comics

Television showrunners and comic book creators including Jed Mercurio, Adam Glass, Quoc Dang Tran and Peter Milligan discuss the explosion of comic book adaptations on TV.


Wish you weren’t here

The Tourist writer Harry Williams and director Chris Sweeney take DQ on a trip to the Australian outback, where an amnesiac known only as The Man is searching for answers while being pursued by mysterious figures.