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Digging deep

Actor Darya Moroz speaks to DQ about her role in Russian series Gold Diggers, presenting modern-day Moscow on screen and her journey behind the camera to become the drama’s showrunner.

In production

Weaving your own Threads

Lord of the Rings star Dominic Monaghan fronts Dark Threads, the first virtual reality sci-fi drama from Toronto’s Cream Productions. Executive producer Johnny Kalangis takes DQ inside the world of interactive storytelling.


Spreading Fires

Australian anthology Fires dramatises stories of courage and survival during the real-life bushfires that devastated parts of the country. Co-creators Tony Ayres and Belinda Chayko joined actors Eliza Scanlen and Hunter Page-Lochard to preview the series.


Transplant’s heart

Transplant showrunner Joseph Kay previews the second season of the Canadian medical drama and explains how it finds authenticity in the story of a Syrian doctor and refugee working in a Toronto hospital.


Baptiste’s back, alright

Baptiste star Tchéky Karyo and producer John Griffin discuss the return of Julien Baptiste in the BBC crime drama as the retired police detective picks up a new case that takes him into Budapest’s corrupt underworld.


Down to a T

British actor Ben Miller reveals why playing the title character in the UK remake of Belgian crime series Professor T is the part of a lifetime, as he talks about overcoming obsessive-compulsive disorder and his love of European drama.


War stories

Actors Natasha Little, Ty Tennant, Bayo Gbadamosi and Pearl Chanda discuss alien invasions in season two of War of the Worlds, Canal+ and The Walt Disney Company’s update of HG Wells’ classic novel.


Medical monster

Dr Death showrunner Patrick Macmanus opens up about making this true crime drama, based on the podcast of the same name, which focuses on a surgeon accused of maiming and killing his patients.

The Director’s Chair

Wayne’s world

Australian director Wayne Blair talks about his career working behind the camera in film and television on shows such as Mystery Road and Total Control and the rise of Indigenous filmmaking.

The Writers Room

Taking a stand

British writer Bisha K Ali opens up about her journey from stand-up comic to TV showrunner and explains how her experience paved the way for a new Netflix- and Sky-backed talent programme  to support underrepresented writers.


A life worth living

British actor Rakie Ayola speaks to DQ about her award-winning turn in BBC drama Anthony, which imagines the life 18-year-old Anthony Walker might have lived had he not been murdered in 2005, and explains how she got into character to play his mother Gee.


Unfinished business

Leverage: Redemption exec producer Dean Devlin and star Gina Bellman preview the return of the US drama, in which the original crew reunite to use their very particular set of skills to right more wrongs.