Tobias Santelmann is Netflix’s Harry Hole

Tobias Santelmann is Netflix’s Harry Hole

By Michael Pickard
May 21, 2024


Tobias Santelmann (Exit) will take the lead in Jo Nesbø’s Detective Hole, the upcoming Netflix series based on Nesbø’s novels about introverted detective Harry Hole.

Jo Nesbø, Joel Kinnaman, Pia Tjelta, Tobias Santelmann and director Øystein Karlsen

Joel Kinnaman (Altered Carbon) will also star as Tom Waaler and Pia Tjelta (Made in Oslo, State of Happiness) as Rakel Fauke.

Jo Nesbø’s Detective Hole is a whodunnit serial killer mystery led by famed anti-hero Harry Hole (Santelmann, pictured top). Under the surface, it is a character drama about two police officers – and supposed colleagues – operating on opposite sides of the law.

Throughout the first season, Harry goes head-to-head with his long time adversary and corrupt detective Tom Waaler. Harry is a brilliant but tormented homicide detective who struggles with his demons. As the two navigate the blurred ethical lines of the criminal justice system, Harry must do all he can to catch a serial killer and bring Waaler to justice before it is too late.

The series is produced by Working Title Television. Nesbø is the writer, with Øystein Karlsen directing. It will shoot on location in Oslo, with filming due to start on May 23.

Jo Nesbø’s Detective Hole is expected to launch on Netflix in 2026.

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