Worlds apart

July 10, 2018


Based on a true story, Israeli drama Miguel centres on 23-year-old Tom, who travels around the world to Guatemala to fulfil his dream of adopting a child.

But when he meets stubborn five-year-old Miguel, his fantasy crashes into reality and he must confront not just the boy he has adopted but also his own inner child.

Sixteen years later, Miguel returns to Guatemala to discover his roots – but Tom will do everything he can to prevent Miguel learning the secret he has spent years keeping from him.

In this DQTV interview, creator and writer Tom Salama talks about adapting the story from his own real-life experience and the decision to shoot the series in Guatemala, where his son is from.

Ran Danker, who stars as Tom, also talks about the challenge of playing the character and why the story is so timely.

Miguel, created and written by Salama and Daphna Levin, is produced and distributed by Movie Plus Productions for Israel’s Hot.

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