Up in arms

July 19, 2018


Swedish political thriller Ingen utan skuld (Conspiracy of Silence) stars Jens Hultén as former arms dealer Robert Kastell, who is on an impassioned mission for revenge.

Having spent 30 years in exile after his escape from the corrupt Swedish weapons trade, Robert suffers a personal tragedy that he blames on the industry he left behind. However, his quest for revenge is thrown off course when he discovers he is a father and must protect his daughter.

With the help of a journalist, Robert must change his approach to bring down the man, and the industry, that took so much from him.

In this DQTV interview, Hultén and executive producer Helena Danielsson discuss the moral dilemmas at the heart of the series and what it says about contemporary Swedish society.

They also talk about how they have tried to push the boundaries of the Nordic noir genre that has proved so popular around the world.

Ingen utan skuld is produced by Brain Academy for Viaplay and distributed by Eccho Rights.

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