Telling the truth

January 9, 2019


In the early 1980s, AIDS emerged and quickly became an epidemic. Those responsible for public safety failed, leading to thousands of deaths and the spread of a second virus, hepatitis C, which infected tens of thousands more.

Limited series Unspeakable is told from the perspective of two families caught in a tragedy that gripped a nation, as well as the doctors, nurses, corporations and bureaucracy responsible for the subsequent cover-up and scandal. The series follows the decades-long saga as people struggled to survive, change the system and battle for compensation for those who desperately needed it.

In this DQTV interview, star Sarah Wayne Callies (The Walking Dead) and creator, writer and executive producer Robert C Cooper (Stargate SG-1) talk about how the series explores the effects of this tragedy across a lifetime, starting from the beginning in 1982 as it follows the fight for justice, compensation and the truth.

As a victim of the scandal himself, Cooper talks about researching the project and bringing this story to the screen, while Callies, who plays Margaret, reveals why she didn’t speak to the real people involved for fear of her performance becoming an impression of them.

Unspeakable is produced by Mezo Entertainment for CBC in Canada and SundanceTV in the US. It is distributed by AMC Studios outside of Canada.

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