Royal rumble

August 11, 2020


Atlantic Crossing opens in 1940 as Norway is occupied by Nazi Germany, with the Scandinavian country’s Crown Princess Märtha and her children finding shelter in the White House as political refugees.

Märtha’s presence in Washington soon influences President Roosevelt’s views on events unfolding in Europe, while what begins as a friendship between the pair blossoms into affection.

As Märtha steps up to fight for her country, she puts her marriage at risk and convinces the president to back Norway, paving the way for the US to join the Second World War. However, her actions cause her to make new enemies within the White House.

In this DQTV interview, stars Sofia Helin and Kyle MacLachlan discuss playing Märtha and Franklin D Roosevelt respectively, while director Alexander Eik reveals why he wanted to tell this little-known story on screen.

Atlantic Crossing is produced by Cinenord in coproduction with Beta Film for NRK.

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