On ice

August 25, 2020


When the summer crew of Antarctic research station Polaris VI depart, 10 people are left to continue working through the long, dark winter. But six months later, the summer crew returns to find seven dead bodies, two people missing and just one survivor – who may be a murderer.

So begins The Head, a Spanish-produced thriller that blends horror and mystery with its whodunnit premise.

In this DQTV interview, director Jorge Dorado and executive producer Ran Tellem, head of international development at Mediapro Group, introduce the premise of the 10-part drama set at the end of the world.

They talk about how they have tried to keep viewers guessing until the final moments of the story, while also revealing that many of the characters on screen may not be who they first appear to be.

Dorado also discusses his love of working with actors and how he gave each one a different animal to represent the character they would be playing.

The Head is produced by The Mediapro Studios in association with Hulu Japan and HBO Asia, and distributed by Mediapro.

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