Oh brother

November 20, 2019


When Paulo Duarte is found dead from a gunshot wound in the Spanish port of Vigo, nobody is convinced by his apparent suicide.

As his sister Teresa (Victoria Guerra) begins to investigate his death, she decides to move from Lisbon and accept a job in the company her brother was working for in an attempt to get to the truth, leading to the uncovering of an arms-trafficking network between Europe and Africa that is somehow linked to Mauro Galdón (Monti Castiñeiras), Teresa’s godfather.

In this DQTV interview, Portguese actor Guerra talks about the story at the heart of Spanish-Portuguese coproduction Agua Seca (Dry Land) and why she was keen to play Teresa, who she describes as a strong woman with a free spirit.

She also discusses the intensity of the filming schedule on the series, which is presented in Galician and Portuguese, and her experience working with director Toño Lopez.

Dry Water is produced by Portocabo and SP-i for TVG and RTP, and distributed by DCD Rights.

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