Making connections

March 10, 2020


Når støvet har lagt sig (When the Dust Settles) follows a group of eight disparate characters, who seemingly have little in common until they are all affected by a terror attack in Copenhagen.

In this DQTV interview, co-creators and writers Dorte Høgh and Ida Maria Rydén join director Milad Alami to reveal how the series was made and why this was a story they wanted to tell.

They talk about the theme of connectivity that runs through the show, and why they wanted to place the attack in the middle of the series, rather than at the start.

The trio also discuss how they filmed the attack without focusing on the violence or the terrorists themselves, and then how the characters are changed by the devastating events.

When the Dust Settles is produced by DR Drama for DR, and distributed by DR Sales.

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