Lights out

January 2, 2020


When an act of sabotage shuts down a nuclear power plant in Belgium, the country is plunged into darkness. Then when the female prime minister discovers her daughter has been kidnapped, she receives a sinister message: Turn the lights back on and your daughter dies.

So begins Flemish-language thriller Blackout, a 10-part series starring Sara De Rio and Geert Van Rampelberg.

In this DQTV interview, showrunner Philippe De Schepper and producer Helen Perquy discuss mixing crime and politics and talk about the real-life parallels amid the debate about the future of nuclear power.

They also reveal why they didn’t want the series to become a disaster movie, how they used locations during filming and why having a female protagonist changed their approach to the story.

Blackout is produced by Jonnydepony for VRT and distributed by Lagardère Studios Distribution.

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