Inquest into Coroner

May 20, 2019


After starring in HBO’s Ballers and Marvel series Inhumane for US network ABC, Canadian actor Serinda Swan returned home for her latest television project.

She takes the lead in Canuck pubcaster the CBC’s Coroner, in which she plays Jenny Cooper, a coroner tasked with investigating suspicious deaths while struggling to come to terms with her husband’s passing.

In this DQTV interview, Swan reveals why she was drawn to play the character in a show that blends procedural and serialised storytelling.

She also talks about the opportunity to tell a “very Canadian story,” backed by a crew that is sought-after by US productions, and why she wants to challenge a system that says you need to move to Hollywood to be successful.

Based on the books by MR Hall, Coroner is produced by Cineflix Studios, Muse Entertainment and Back Alley Films for CBC and is distributed internationally by Cineflix Rights. The series launched in Canada in January this year, with a second season due in 2020.

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