Godfather of Spain

December 4, 2018


In Spanish drama Gigantes (Giants), brotherly love is in short supply as Isak Férriz, Daniel Grao and Carlos Librado play three brothers raised in the shadow of a cruel father (Jose Coronado).

The Guerrero brothers inherited full control of the entry of cocaine into Europe through Spain from their all-powerful father, Abraham. Together, they eliminated rival families – but when older brother Daniel (Férriz) leaves jail after 15 years, their fraternal war will sink to new depths as he seeks to recover his place in the family.

In this DQTV video, Férriz and writer Miguel Barros discuss this six-part story of ambition and family in-fighting, which they compare to King Lear and The Godfather.

Férriz reveals why he was keen to work with directors Enrique Urbizu and Jorge Dorado, while Barros explains how Gigantes breaks the mould of Spanish drama with a fresh perspective in a well-trodden genre.

Gigantes is produced by Telefonica Studios and Lazona Producciones for Movistar +, and distributed by About Premium Content.

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