Educating on Informer

November 8, 2018


Character-driven thriller Informer tells the story of Raza, a young, second-generation Pakistani man from East London who is forced to go undercover in the fight against terror after being arrested.

The show follows the fall-out for Raza, his family and those around him as he works as an informer for a counter-terrorism officer.

In this DQTV interview, Sunetra Sarker, who plays Raza’s mother Sadia, discusses her character and explains why she was drawn to a script she says is layered with “loyalty and deception.”

Executive producer Nic Brown also talks about why the series focuses on the war on terror at street level, and the decision to set the story in an unfamiliar London not usually seen on screen.

Sarker also discusses how television drama is becoming more representative and the “refreshing” types of stories and characters now being portrayed on screen.

Informer is produced by Neal Street Productions for BBC1 and Amazon Prime Video and distributed by All3Media International.

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