Dangerous game

August 21, 2019


Ukrainian drama Hide & Seek opens in an ordinary apartment in which a girl is playing the titular game with her father. But when he begins to look for her, he discovers she has vanished. Later, a video is posted that shows her holding a sign with a mysterious set of numbers.

After two detectives launch an investigation, they find themselves searching for several missing children and the kidnapper behind their disappearance.

In this DQTV interview, Film UA’s head of development and coproductions Kateryna Vyshnevska and creative producer Olesya Lukyanenko introduce the eight-part series, which combines the detective and criminal genres with a noir sensibility.

They also talk about why Hide & Seek stands apart from other series produced in Ukraine and their hopes that it could breakout on the international stage.

Hide & Seek is produced by Film UA for ICTV Ukraine and distributed by ZDF Enterprises.

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