Crime glee

April 12, 2022


Scottish writer Irvine Welsh speaks to DQ about making his television debut with Crime, a complex police series based on his own novel, and why he doesn’t care what medium he writes for.

As an author, Irvine Welsh made his name with Trainspotting, his 1993 debut novel about a group of heroine addict friends in Edinburgh. A film adaptation directed by Danny Boyle three years later became a major critical and commercial success.

Last year, Welsh took on his first TV project in the form of Crime, a six-part drama based on his novel of the same that introduces Detective Inspector Ray Lennox (Dougray Scott), a man struggling to cope with past trauma while investigating serious crimes.

In this DQTV interview, Welsh discusses how he became a writer, looks back on the success of Trainspotting and talks about moving into television with Crime, which has been renewed for a second season.

Crime is produced by Buccaneer Media for streaming service BritBox and distributed by Cineflix Rights.

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