Brothers in arms

May 22, 2018


Sky1 drama Bulletproof stars Noel Clarke and Ashley Walters as Bishop and Pike, two cops who are best friends and emotionally bonded by their moral code, despite their different backgrounds.

Set in London, the series takes viewers on an action-packed ride across the city as Bishop and Pike chase down the bad guys in their own uncompromising style.

In this DQTV interview, Clarke and Walters reveal the desire to work together that led to them creating Bulletproof with Nick Love (The Football Factory) and why they wanted to change the way the police are perceived in the UK – particularly within the black community.

They also discuss how the television industry has changed for black actors and praise Sky for “putting their money where their mouth is” and backing them to make the series.

Created by Clarke, Walters and Love, Bulletproof is produced by Vertigo Films (Britannia) and distributed by Sky Vision.

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