Achieving Success

January 30, 2019


HBO Europe’s first original series from the Adria region, Success, began life as one of the winning projects of HBO Adria’s First Draft contest in 2017, which sought new writing talent from across the territory.

Created and written by Marjan Alčevski, the show follows four complete strangers who are bound together irrevocably by a violent event. As the consequences of their actions start to infiltrate every aspect of their lives, these ordinary people, from diverse backgrounds, decide to fight back.

Starring Toni Gojanović, Tara Thaller, Iva Mihalić, Uliks Fehmiu and Marija Škaričić, Success was shot on location in Zagreb, Croatia, under the direction of Academy Award winner Danis Tanović (No Man’s Land).

The series debuted this month across HBO Europe and will also air later in the year on HBO in the US.

In this DQTV video, Alčevski discusses the origins of the character-driven crime thriller and explains why he wanted to write a series that spoke about modern Croatian society

He also touches on the themes that affect the lead characters, including violence towards women, corruption, one person’s inability to feed their family and the concept of success, and how these subjects have made it a series that resonates not just in Croatia but across Europe and around the world.

HBO Europe executive producer Steve Matthews also talks about why Success stood out among the other entrants of the First Draft competition, owing to its mix of good and bad and jeopardy.

Success is produced and distributed by HBO Europe, in coproduction with Croation prodco Drugi Plan.

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