Triple play

June 18, 2018


Mexican political drama Aquí en la Tierra (Here On Earth) opens as Carlos’s life is altered by the death of his influential father.

Adán, the son of the head of security for Carlos’s family, also finds his life disturbed over riots protesting against the construction of a new airport endorsed by Governor Mario Rocha, Carlos’s stepfather.

Friends from childhood despite their different social extractions, Carlos and Adán will be forced to face their changing circumstances, bringing complex moral dilemmas into play.

In this DQTV interview, Gael García Bernal talks his triple role as series co-creator, lead director and a member of the cast, and discusses what the series says about politics, corruption and social status.

He also talks about his own career, which has mixed television with film and stage work, including his Golden Globe-winning performance during four seasons of Amazon’s Mozart in the Jungle.

Aquí en la Tierra is produced by broadcaster Fox Latin America and distributed by Fox Networks Group Content Distribution.

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