The Terror returns to scare AMC

The Terror returns to scare AMC

By Michael Pickard
February 7, 2024


AMC in the US has ordered a third season of its horror anthology series The Terror, five years after the last instalment.

The new season, called The Terror: Devil in Silver, will debut in 2025. It tells the story of Pepper, a working class moving man, who through a combination of bad luck and a bad temper, finds himself wrongfully committed to New Hyde Psychiatric Hospital – an institution filled with the people society would rather forget.

There, he must contend with patients who work against him, doctors who harbour grim secrets, and perhaps even the very Devil himself. As Pepper navigates a hellscape where nothing is as it seems, he finds that the only path to freedom is to face down the entity which thrives on the suffering within New Hyde’s walls – but doing so may prove that the worst demons of all live inside him.

Chris Cantwell (Halt & Catch Fire) and Victor LaValle, who wrote the novel on which the story is based, are attached as writers and executive producers.

The producing team includes David Zucker (Scott Free), Alexandra Milchan (Emjag), Guymon Casady (Management 360) and Scott Lambert (Anjulia Productions). Karyn Kusama (Jennifer’s Body, Destroyer) is also an executive producer and will direct the first two episodes.

Previous seasons of The Terror have focused on a British naval expedition stuck in the ice while searching for the Northwest Passage (pictured top), and events in a Japanese internment camp during the Second World War (titled The Terror: Infamy).

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