SVT goes behind bars for Från Insidan

SVT goes behind bars for Från Insidan

By Michael Pickard
May 23, 2024

First Look

Nesim Mir, Tyrone Michele and Rasmus Savic are currently filming Swedish drama Från Insidan (From the Inside), an SVT series about three young gang members undergoing therapy in prison.

Written by Sanne Övermark, the series is based on interviews with convicted criminals, prison psychologists, prison officers and young people, and asks whether people can be victims and offenders at the same time.

Yousef (Mir), Elias (Michele) and Alex (Savic) are all trapped in a spiral of violence and crime. Inside the prison, they open up during conversations with a psychologist (David Nzinga), and in a desperate struggle to find a way out of their destructive lifestyle, they dig deep into their own traumatic experiences while new obstacles pile up inside the institution. What does it really take for a person to break their patterns?

The eight-part series is directed by Filip Iversen, and will air on SVT in November.

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