Staying alive

July 19, 2017


Swedish crime thriller Innan vi dör (Before We Die) stars Marie Richardson as Hanna, the fading star of Stockholm Police’s organised crime unit, whose son Christian (Adam Pålsson) has disowned her after he was jailed for drug possession.

When her lover and colleague is abducted, Hanna must take over his undercover investigation of a criminal biker gang and protect an infiltrator. But to prevent a brutal takeover in the criminal underworld, she must fight for her son’s life and break another family to save her own.

Here, actors Richardson, Pålsson and Alexej Manvelov tell DQ about their characters and explain why this 10-episode drama, which debuted on Sweden’s SVT earlier this year, is more than just a police story.

They also discuss the process of working with multiple directors and how the show pushes Scandinavian crime dramas beyond The Bridge as the professional and personal lives of its characters begin to blur.

Before We Die is produced by B-Reel Films for SVT and Germany’s ZDF and is distributed by ZDF Enterprises.

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