In treatment

July 5, 2017


Turkish drama Phi centres on psychologist Can Manay (played by Ozan Güven), a serial womaniser whose behaviour becomes increasingly erratic when he falls in love with Duru (Serenay Sarikaya).

As Manay gets closer to her, Duru begins to question her life with boyfriend Deniz (Mehmet Günsür) as a cast of characters – including Özge (Berrak Tüzünataç), a journalist working on an exposé of the celebrity psychologist – find their lives changed forever by Manay’s crazed pursuit of love.

Cast members Sarikaya, Gunsur and Tüzünataç tell DQ about the appeal of starring in Phi, which is based on a trilogy of novels by Azra Kohen.

They reveal how they used the original books in their preparation for the series and the challenge of bringing these well-known characters to the small screen.

The trio also discuss the ground-breaking nature of the series, which is the first original drama to air on VoD platform Puhu TV.

Phi is produced by Ay Yapim and distributed by Eccho Rights.

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