Drama with bite

November 23, 2017


Juda is a low-life gambler hustling a living in the murky depths of the criminal underworld. But after winning big in a high-stakes poker game, his luck runs out when he is robbed and bitten by a seductive vampiress.

Unbeknown to her, she has drunk Jewish blood and begun her own path to mortality, therefore facing a race against time to kill Juda and save herself or save him and risk everything.

Zion Baruch, creator and star of the series, and director Meni Yaish, reveal how they were inspired by films such as Blade and Interview with a Vampire and filmmakers including Quentin Tarantino to bring this gothic horror to life.

They also consider why Israeli dramas have had such an impact on the global stage in recent years

Juda is produced by United Studios of Israel for HOT and is distributed by Banijay Rights.

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