Crowd control

September 4, 2017


How far would you go to solve your daughter’s murder? That’s the question facing Jeffrey Tanner (played by Jeremy Piven), a tech entrepreneur who creates a crowdsourcing platform to help people around the world find the killer in Wisdom of the Crowd.

However, he finds the effects of the programme are far-reaching as it begins to be used to solve other crimes as well.

In this video, creator and executive producer Ted Humphrey explains how the series was developed for US broadcast network CBS, having originally been pitched as a serialised cable series.

In fact, Humphrey describes it as a “hybrid procedural,” similar to fellow CBS series The Good Wife, in which weekly episodes contained single stories while character arcs were built across whole seasons.

Wisdom of the Crowd won’t just focus on the good, Humphrey promises, but will also tackle the dark effects of crowdsourcing and the internet, where innocent people are tarnished by false allegations.

The show, which debuts on CBS on October 1, is produced by CBS Television Studios, Keshet Studios, Algorithm Entertainment and Universal Television and is distributed by CBS Studios International.

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