CMore, TV4 celebrate Stockholm Pride

By Michael Pickard
April 6, 2024

Trailer park

Swedish YA series Stockholm Pride – a drama described as chaotic, dramatic, comical, human and hopeful – will launch locally on CMore and TV4 later this year. Here’s the trailer.

Produced by Unlimited Stories and distributed by Beta Film, the six-part drama – known locally as Happy Jävla Pride (Happy Fucking Pride) – was filmed in cooperation with the organisers of Stockholm Pride.

The story follows Dilan, a nerdy 18-year-old who is also a hopeless romantic. He travels to Stockholm dreaming of a perfect Pride with his crush, Christoph – but Dilan hasn’t told him that. Meanwhile, Christoph’s friends are all about polygamy, open relationships, and other things that make a wide-eyed small-town virgin’s head spin.

To impress Christoph, Dilan tells some white lies, to seem cooler, smarter, and more experienced. But the lies spin out of control…

In Stockholm, Dilan stays with his cousin Ari, a professional realtor and life of the party. Having suddenly dumped his on-and-off boyfriend, Ari seeks to forget the ghosts of the past and teach Dilan how he thinks Pride should be enjoyed: on Grindr. Meanwhile, Ari’s friend Nina, who loves people who (maybe) don’t deserve it, is broken up with by her manipulative girlfriend. Nina is determined to win her back, while Ari thinks she should move on. Can Nina get her toxic ex back? Can Ari outrun his past? And can Dilan win Christoph back in time for Pride?

Stockholm Pride stars Oscar Wallgren, Sofia Kappel, Carlos Romero Cruz and Malte Legros Selander. The director is Måns Nyman.

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