Bridget Christie brings more Change to Channel 4

Bridget Christie brings more Change to Channel 4

By Michael Pickard
May 7, 2024


Bridget Christie’s Channel 4 comedy The Change will return for a second season, with the comedian back on board to write and star.

The show, which debuted last year, sees Christie play Linda, a 50-year-old, working-class, married mother-of two, who thinks she is suffering from early-onset dementia after forgetting what a shoe is called. But when she learns she is actually going through the menopause, Linda heads to the Forest of Dean to reconnect with the person she used to be, and to find a time capsule she hid up a tree when she was 10.

But when she becomes caught up in the local community – eccentrics, artists, eel fisherwomen, musicians, misfits and the occasional bigot – she discovers a bigger sense of purpose and new-found friendships. But will the truths she has hidden about herself come back to haunt her?

At the start of season two, Linda has got some explaining to do. Faced with the repercussions of the lies she’s told the forest community, along with losing the Mother Tree and the arrival of husband Steve who has come to bring her home, Linda’s future in the forest looks uncertain.

But she’s already come a long way since being mother/wife/homemaker Linda Jane Jenkins of Swindon, and her journey is far from over. She may have only been Eel Queen for a day, but something’s changed in Linda which means she’s not done yet – in fact she’s only just started. But little does she realise what a huge impact this decision will have on the town…and Steve.

Filming on the new season starts later this year, with further casting to be confirmed. The Change is produced by Expectation and executive producers are Bridget Christie, Nerys Evans and Morwenna Gordon. The producer is Lisa Mitchell.

BBC Studios are handling international distribution of the series.

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