Back to the Studio

May 13, 2019


Set in 1993, Flemish series Studio Tarara goes behind the scenes of a fictional comedy sketch show of the same name, whose actors gradually lose themselves in a spiral of self-destruction.

Following a suicide, the scandalous secrets of the entire studio threaten to be exposed by the ensuing investigation.

In this DQTV interview, actor Tim Van Den Begin and co-writer and director Tim Van Aelst introduce the Flemish-language tragicomedy, in which Van Den Begin plays Jean, “a joyful character with a very dark side.”

They talk about making a comedy series that aims to cross international borders and discuss the support they received from broadcaster VTM, which itself features in the series.

Studio Tarara received its international premiere last month at Canneseries following its launch in Belgium in February.

The eight-part series is produced by Shelter for VTM and distributed by Be Entertainment.

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