Alibi, S4C partner for Welsh drama Ar y Ffin (Mudtown)

By Michael Pickard
April 24, 2024


UKTV’s Alibi and Welsh broadcaster S4C have teamed up for Ar y Ffin (Mudtown), a six-part crime drama set in the world of a magistrates court.

Erin Richards stars as Claire Lewis Jones

Centred on life at Newport Magistrates Court, it follows experienced magistrate Claire Lewis Jones as she faces personal turmoil while presiding over cases. When Ned Humphries, a childhood friend of Beca, Claire’s daughter, faces arson charges, Claire’s loyalty to her community is put to the test.

Matters are made worse when local criminal kingpin Saint Pete appears on the scene. Claire and Saint Pete go back a long way – will her past come back to threaten her present? As she delves deeper into the case, and suspicions grow around her daughter’s new bad-boy boyfriend, Sonny Higgins, Claire uncovers a web of criminal activity that could put her and her family at risk.

As the truth emerges and consequences unfold, Claire must confront her own biases and decisions. The lines between right and wrong become blurred, as Claire’s maternal instincts clash with her commitment to uphold the truth.

Tom Cullen plays Saint Pete

Erin Richards (Gotham) takes the lead as Claire Lewis Jones, alongside Tom Cullen (The Gold) as Saint Pete, Matthew Gravelle (Broadchurch) as Alun Lewis Jones, Lauren Morais (The Red King) as Beca Lewis Jones, Lloyd Meredith (The Red King) as Sonny Higgins, Kimberly Nixon (The Salisbury Poisonings) as Sara Humphries, Sion Pritchard (Pila Pala) as Davey Johns and Ifan Huw Dafydd (The Light in the Hall) as Owen Williams.

Produced by Severn Screen, it is written by writing duo Hannah Daniel (star of Keeping Faith) and Georgia Lee, who also works as a part-time magistrate.

The series will shoot back-to-back in both English and Welsh language, before airing in Welsh in late 2024 on S4C. It will then be shown on Alibi in English soon after.

The executive producer for Severn Screen is Ed Talfan and the series will be produced by Hannah Thomas (Steeltown Murders, Hidden). All3Media International will handle distribution of the series.

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