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Matter of Flack

Anna Paquin stars in Flack, a comedy-infused drama set in the world of PR that follows an expert fixer who struggles to keep her own life together. The actor plus creator and writer Oliver Lansley and executive producer Jimmy Mulville tell DQ about the long journey to bring the series to the screen.


Uncovering Traitors

Channel 4’s stylish new spy thriller Traitors, starring Keeley Hawes and Michael Stuhlbarg, looks at the communist threat to Britain just after the Second World War through the eyes of a young woman. DQ joined the cast on set in London.


Start your engines

Curfew stars Sean Bean and Billy Zane join executive producers Will Gould and Frith Tiplady as they take DQ behind the wheel of the Sky1 action series about an illegal street race and the competitors who take part.


Disappearing dozen

As Dutch series De 12 van Oldenheim (The Oldenheim Twelve) drops on US streaming platform Acorn TV, producer Gerd-Jan van Dalen and writer Lex Passchier discuss building tension, blending genres and storytelling for global audiences.


On the run with Hanna

Eight years after the movie of the same name, Hanna reimagines the story of a girl, raised in isolation by her mercenary father, who goes on the run from the agents attempting to take her down. DQ visits the set to see how the thriller came together for Amazon.


The Missing link

The Missing star Tchéky Karyo returns as French detective Julien Baptiste in a spin-off from the hit BBC drama. DQ spends a day at the seaside to see the actor on set and find out about the making of eight-part drama Baptiste.


Doom’s day

The DC Universe streaming platform introduces a new band of superheroes in the form of Doom Patrol. April Bowlby, who plays Rita Farr, aka Elasti-Woman, tells DQ about the ‘amazing’ experience of making the show.


Short trip home

Australian series Homecoming Queens is among the shortform dramas being screened at this week’s Berlinale event. Series producer Katia Nizic tells DQ about the origins of SBS On-demand’s first ever commission and the challenge of producing shortform content.

In production

Go West

Swedish drama West of Liberty brings the first book in Thomas Engström’s spy series to television. DQ speaks to producer Gunnar Carlsson about making the English-language series, which is set and filmed in Berlin.


Hunting Hanna

David Farr, creator and writer of Amazon Prime Video original series Hanna, and lead direc-tor Sarah Adina Smith tell DQ about making the series, which is a reimagining of the 2011 feature film of the same name.


Good timing

For years, Neil Gaiman and Sir Terry Pratchett’s cult novel Good Omens was deemed unfilmmable – until now. Gaiman and director Douglas Mackinnon tell DQ how they turned this funny and fantastical story of the end of the world into a six-part TV spectacle.

The Writers Room

Fighting back

Maria Camargo, lead writer of Brazilian drama Assédio (Harassment), tells DQ about the real-life themes and issues that inspired this series about a group of women who stand up to the doctor who sexually abused them.