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Virtual insanity

Executive producers Melanie Stokes and Bryan Elsley tell DQ about the making of virtual reality thriller Kiss Me First, produced for Channel 4 and Netflix.

The Writers Room

Cult hit

Drawing comparisons to The Handmaid’s Tale, Israeli drama Harem shocked viewers with its depiction of life for women and children living with a charismatic cult leader. DQ speaks to the writing team behind the Reshet show, which has been renewed for a second season.

In production

A walk down Mainstreet

Mainstreet Pictures co-MDs Sally Haynes and Laura Mackie tell DQ about making the third season of crime drama Unforgotten, the trouble with in-demand writers, and their aim to produce television people want to talk about.


Head case

French crime drama Kepler(s) tackles mental health and the Calais migrant crisis in the story of a police officer secretly struggling with multiple personality disorder who is sent to investigate the murder of a student in the port town. DQ meets the writers and producers.


Worlds apart

Tom Salama, the creator and writer of Israeli drama Miguel, and star Ran Danker introduce the series, which dramatises the real life story of a man’s journey to adopt a child.


Missing treasure

The trend for television dramas about missing children continues with The Disappearance, a French Canadian drama about a family’s grief when a young boy vanishes. DQ chats with writer Geneviève Simard and the production team behind the six-part limited series.


Becoming Anne

Amybeth McNulty has delighted viewers with her star turn in Anne with an E, the latest adaptation of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s novel Anne of Green Gables. Ahead of season two, she tells DQ about getting her big television break.


Love is Blind

Finnish comedy-drama Blind Donna sees its titular character embark on a search for love, and nothing – not even her blindness – will stop her. Its producer and screenwriters tell DQ about the “risky business” of marrying comedy and disability.

The Writers Room

Right on the Money

La Casa de Papel (Money Heist) is a certified phenomenon after Netflix revealed it was the streamer’s biggest non-English-language series ever. DQ hears from creator Alex Pina and writer Esther Martinez Lobato about making the Spanish heist drama.


Into The Pit

The writer and the executive producer behind Turkish crime drama Çukur (The Pit) tell DQ about the series, which mixes themes of love, family and community in the story of a man who returns to his old neighbourhood to become head of a criminal clan.


City life

Star David Morrissey joins writer Tony Grisoni, exec producer Preethi Mavahalli and director Tom Shankland to discuss the challenges of adapting China Miéville’s novel The City & The City as a four-part miniseries for BBC2.


Boom town

Norwegian period drama Lykkeland (State of Happiness) dramatises the true story of the country’s oil boom in 1969. Writer Mette B Bølstad and executive producer Synnøve Hørsdal tell DQ about the origins of the series and how they avoided it becoming a history lesson.