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Staying alive

The strained relationship between a mother and son is pushed to the limit when they must work together to bring down a criminal gang, as the cast of Swedish thriller Innan vi dör (Before We Die) explain.


Eclectic dreams

The work of renowned author Philip K Dick has inspired a new anthology series heading to Channel 4 in the UK and Amazon. Michael Pickard takes a look at the 10 imaginative stories that make up Electric Dreams.


Kari on directing

Director Kari Skogland tells DQ about her love of stunts and spectacle when she discusses her television career, with credits including Boardwalk Empire, The Walking Dead, The Americans and House of Cards.


Clean living

Jason Bateman has money troubles in Netflix original series Ozark, in which he stars as a big-city financial advisor forced to move to the country after upsetting a drug kingpin. But as DQ discovers, it was the opportunity to direct that drew him to the project.


Riding high

Acclaimed screenwriter Tony Grisoni, best known for TV series including Red Riding and Southcliffe and movies such as Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, tells DQ about his eclectic CV and explains why there should be more noise about collaborative nature of filmmaking.

The Writers Room

All change

Fiction and reality combine in romantic period drama Nada Será Como Antes (Nothing Remains the Same), set during the time of Brazil’s first TV network in the 1950s. Writer Jorge Furtado spoke to DQ.


Laying down the law

The true story of a man who survived Auschwitz and went on to build a legal empire is the inspiration for Dutch drama De Maatschap (The Partnership). DQ hears from the writers and producers of the series to find out how they turned this real-life saga into a gripping thriller.  


Hobbs’ career spark

From Heartbreak High and The Slap to Broadchurch and Apple Tree Yard, director Jessica Hobbs recounts her journey from Australia to the UK and discusses some of her biggest projects, which also include supernatural thriller River.


Music man

Composer Michael Price reveals how he created the scores for British detective series Sherlock and Unforgotten and shares his views on the role music plays in television drama.  

The Writers Room

A Greek fairy tale

Greek writer Loris Loizidis has ambitions to move into TV drama off the back of his latest comedy, Paramythi… Allios. He tells DQ about producing a show for both Greek and Cypriot viewers.


In treatment

The stars of Turkish drama Phi tell DQ about this landmark series, which tells the story of a celebrity psychologist whose erratic behaviour impacts on many people’s lives when he becomes besotted with a dancer.


Scaling New heights

Eleventh Hour Films executive producer and head of talent Eve Gutierrez reveals why one scene from BBC drama New Blood gave her cause to hold her breath.