Being Paula

An award-winning stage turn changed the fortunes of actor Denise Gough, who tells DQ about starring in BBC2 three-parter Paula.


Sticking to the truth

Dutch drama The Body Collector recalls the real-life account of a journalist attempting to uncover the truth about a war criminal.


France’s finest

From a pair of mystery dramas and the introduction of the ‘female Columbo’ to the story of a film director forced to make a new version of King Kong for a power-mad dictator, French drama is set to enjoy a breakout year. DQ casts its eye over some of the new series coming to the small screen.


Under the influence

As Twin Peaks returns to television after a 26-year absence, DQ explores the wide-reaching impact the series had on the shows and creatives that came after it.


There will be blood

Violence and sex have become common features of TV drama – but are these often graphic depictions key to the success of a show?


Biopic boom

True-life stories of the famous and infamous continue to win commissions in Australia – but for how long? DQ investigates.

The Director’s Chair

C4 goes on Trial

Director Kath Mattock tells DQ how she became involved in factual drama The Trial: A Murder in the Family and how this complex series blends reality and fiction in order to record the deliberations that take place by a jury deciding the outcome of a murder trial.

The Writers Room

Perfect Storm

A family of priests are at the centre of Herrens Veje (Ride Upon the Storm), Danish writer Adam Price’s follow-up to political drama Borgen.


Political animals

Dutch drama Brussel (Brussels) sees the powerful and powerless collide against the backdrop of the city at the heart of the European Union. DQ speaks to the writer, director and producer of this landmark 10-part series.

The Writers Room

Back in the room

DQ visits Big Light Productions to see a writers room in practice as executive producer Frank Spotnitz works on a second season of Ransom.


The Swell

Dutch drama Als de Dijken Breken (The Swell) imagines what happens when the most powerful storm in history hits the Netherlands and Belgium. JOCO Media producer Ingmar Menning wades through the six-part series to give DQ six things we should know about this epic drama.

The Writers Room

Armchair detectives

It’s not whodunnit but who will do it in the case of Welsh drama 35 Diwrnod (35 Days), which starts with a murder and rewinds to see how events led to the killing. DQ hears more about the series from writer Siwan Jones.

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