Missing memories

BBC single drama Elizabeth is Missing offers viewers a gripping mystery as well as profound insight into how living with dementia affects one woman and her family, as writer Andrea Gibb and executive producer Sarah Brown explain.


Character study

While series have a shelf life, some characters become immortal. DQ speaks to a group of writers about how they create the people we watch on screen.


August arrives

Danish writer Anders Frithiof August talks about penning financial thriller Bedrag (Follow the Money) and the differences between working in Denmark and the US.


Back with a vengeance

After a 20-year absence, Rebecca Gibney is reprising her role as forensic psychiatrist Jane Halifax in Australian crime drama Halifax: Retribution. The star and series creator Roger Simpson tell DQ how the show has evolved to meet modern TV viewing habits.

In production

A round of Gulf

New Zealand drama is making its mark on the international scene on the back of two ambitious coproductions fuelled by producer Screentime NZ, as CEO Philly de Lacey explains.


World building

As television drama transports viewers to new worlds, both historical and fantastical, the role of the production designer has never been more important. DQ finds out more about the job from those doing it on shows in the UK, the US, Canada and Australia.


Showrunning Spiral

Marine Francou, showrunner of gritty French crime drama Engrenages (Spiral), takes DQ into the writing process behind the show and reveals why its local roots have made it so popular around the world.


Washed up

Flemish series Grenslanders (Floodland) sets a crime mystery against a unique backdrop as investigators from Belgium and the Netherlands join forces in this cross-border drama.


Risky Devils

Patrick Dempsey and Alessandro Borghi open up about making stylish financial thriller Devils, about an ambitious banker whose rise to the top is put on ice when he is suspected of murder.

The Director’s Chair

Bringing up Baby

Italian director Andrea De Sica has achieved global success with Netflix teen drama series Baby. He talks to DQ about the joys of working with a young creative team, what it’s like directing for Netflix and why he thinks the controversial series has proved successful.


Winter sun

The Mallorca Files aims to be the bright and breezy antidote to the trend for dark, melancholic crime dramas. DQ visited the set on the Balearic isle.

The Writers Room

Night school

Carla Faour and Julia Spadaccini, the writers behind Brazilian series Segunda Chamada (Second Call), tell DQ why they wanted to shine a light on the country’s adult education system.

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